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Intensive farming has taken its toll on our flora and fauna in the last 100 years. You only have to travel through parts of France and Europe to rediscover wildflowers in abundance on their less intensive systems.

With our use of effective herbicides and efficient farming, rare arable weeds (wildflowers) have been removed or kept dormant from the landscape. This has a knock-on effect to soil and insects, mammals and birds - which all benefit from pollen and nectar-producing flowering plants.

All is not lost, as over the last 10 years UK farming has benefited from government environmental schemes to encourage less intensive farming and to plant specific winter feed crops for troubled target species. This also includes arable reversions and restoration of floristically enhanced grassland. The uptake of such environmental schemes is increasing throughout the farming community and is slowly restoring the countryside to its former glory.

Chris Bright, Bright Seeds


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