Sowing & Management

Site and soil preparation

Try to avoid highly fertile soil.

Usual sowing rate is approximately 3-7g/m².

One of the most important things to remember is to start with a weed free seed bed to reduce the weeds from competing with the wild flowers. Cultivate the ground and if possible leave until you get a really good show of weed growth. Then spray off with Glyphosate following the manufacturer’s instructions. In an ideal situation you should do this twice.

  1. Cultivate and spray off any weeds.
  2. Mix the seed well in the bag or box before planting. If you are having problems drilling or broadcasting by hand you can mix with a fine dry sand to give some weight to the seed.
  3. Broadcast or drill the seed into a clean weed-free seedbed.
  4. Roll the ground before (preferably ring roll) then flat roll after planting.

Important maintenance

Once you have sown the mixture it is very important to manage the growth for the first year. This includes cutting and weeding if possible.

  • If sowing in the autumn, cut the sward when the grass gets established and keep it down to help the flower seeds to germinate.
  • If sowing in the spring, again keep the grass low for the first growing season.
  • Whenever you cut, it is vital to remove all the material.

After establishment maintenance

Very easy - in the spring, cut to 10cm and remove the cuttings. Cut again after flowering in the autumn. Job done!