Cornfield Annuals

These fast growing, brightly coloured annuals provide extensive cover all summer long and will look a picture the first two years.

Because this mix is made up from annuals, they rely on dropping their seed for growth on the following year. After the first year, it is a good idea to lightly cultivate the land to promote early new spring growth.

Cornfield Annual mix generally lasts one to three years depending on management.

Proportion & Seed Type

  • 20% Cornflower Centaurea cyanus
  • 15% Corn Marigold Chrysanthemum segetum
  • 25% Corn Chamomile Anthemis arvensis
  • 35% Corn Cockle Agrostemma githago
  • 5% Field Poppy Papaver rhoeas

Supplied as 100% Wildflowers

Sowing rate 3-5g/m²